Bun Bo Hue journey update

It’s been a while since I’ve written about my Bun Bo Hue (eating) journey so it’s time for an update. Here are the three latest ones I’ve had.

BBH at Pho Ten

#13 – BBH @ Pho Ten in Richmond. I like this place because it’s convenient for me. But the BBH itself was just okay. I’d still go back there again for their regular Pho or their rice/vermicelli dishes though.


Le Petit Saigon BBH#14 – Le Petit Saigon on E. Hastings
I need to come back here again because it’s been a few weeks since I’ve eaten there and I don’t really remember what was in it. I do remember liking it and feeling like it was one of the best BBH I’ve had so… that means I will go back there again.


BBH Thai Son# 15 – Thai Son on E. Broadway in Vancouver. I’m SO happy that one of my favourite Vietnamese restaurant location has finally re-opened! The restaurant was partly burned down due to a fire at a grocery store/market next door so I have been craving this place since November 2012!! Yes, I know they have other locations but this was my go-to lunch spot during work. They re-opened on May 3. I will say though that their BBH isn’t the best in town, but their regular Pho and their lemongrass broken rice dishes and vermicelli dishes are amazingggg!


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