Bun Bo Hue number eleven and twelve.

Hanoi Pho
#11 – BBH @ Hanoi Pho on E. Hastings
(Or at least that’s what I ordered. It came with prawns! And beef brisket! And regular flat Pho noodles! I’m not sure if they gave me a wrong order because there was a spicy beef and prawn Pho on the menu as well…the lady insisted that it was their BBH. Anyways, no pork hock, no pork blood cubes and no banana blossoms, but you k now what? I still ate it and it actually tasted amazing! I was pleasantly surprised.) Would I go there again? Possibly. I’m hesitant not because it’s located in a sketchy part of town, but because it’s the most expensive bowl of BBH so far!

Le Do
#12 – BBH @ Lê Dô on E. Hastings
The soup tasted a bit too salty or perhaps they added some other spice into the soup that made it taste different. No pork hock, no pork blood cubes and no banana blossoms…but…overall the BBH didn’t taste as great as I had hoped. I’m tempted to give this place a try again simply because it’s gotten decent reviews, but I wouldn’t order their BBH again though.


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