MBBH = More Bun Bo Hue

Hello! I feel bad for neglecting this blog for more than a month! My sincere apologies. Here’s an update on my Bun Bo Hue adventure.

BBH @ Bao Chau on E. Hastings #7 – Bao Chau on East Hastings. It somehow tasted different than the other BBH that I’ve had so far. I’m not sure if it was the soup or the selection of meat or the fact that it had NO pork hock, NO pork blood cubes and NO banana blossoms. My coworkers had their other Pho and didn’t think it was that great either. Would I go back there again? Not very likely.

BBH @ Lotus Pho in Richmond#8 – Lotus Pho in Richmond. I was a bit hesitant going into this place because a while ago it used to be a pub, then it was an Indian restaurant (which I went to once and it was pretty good!), then it became Pho Boi, and now it’s Lotus Pho. In any case I went in with my friend and ordered my BBH. When the bowl came, it looked REALLY good. But when I went digging for the usual Pork Hock, Pork Blood Cubes, Banana Blossoms…it had none! But you know what? It still tasted great! I was afraid I’d get another Bao Chau BBH experience, but it was one of the best BBH I’ve had so far. I would definitely come back again.

BBH @ Pho Hoang on Main Street#9 – Pho Hoang on Main Street. I’ve been to this place multiple times for their regular Pho but never for their BBH. It’s not the greatest place so I wasn’t expecting anything amazing (a friend of mine lives nearby so it’s mainly because of convenience). There were no banana blossoms and no pork blood cubes, but the one pork hock that came with the soup was very very tough. It wasn’t bad (I’ve had worse), but it definitely wasn’t anything spectacular. Would I go back again? Hmm…I wouldn’t go out of my way to come here. But if I’m in the neighbourhood, why not.

BBH @ Thai Hang on East Hastings#10 – Thai Hang on East Hastings. The biggest bowl of BBH I have ever had. I felt like I was eating out of those baking mixing bowls! Okay. Maybe I’m exaggerating, but it was a really big bowl! Pork blood cubes? Yes! Pork hock? Yes! Banana blossoms? Yes, but very little of it. The soup tasted amazing, not too oily and the combination of everything the meat, the noodle….amazing. One of the better BBH I’ve had so far. I only wish they would give more banana blossoms (I love that stuff). I would definitely come back here again.


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