London! London! London!

Buckingham Palace

London, England – I LOVE LONDON. Perhaps it was the medieval stuff or the feeling that I could somehow bump into The Queen walking the streets of London – who knows. But there was just something about the city that I fell in love with. Shopping was amazing (I actually like it more than Paris). The transit system (the tube/underground) is so much more user friendly than the transit system in Paris, but if your accommodations are not within central London, be prepared to spend A LOT of money topping up your Oyster Card. I was more than happy about my time spent in London (most of the time was spent with family – my sister lives there) but even after spending a week and a half, there was still so much that I did not get to see or experience. I didn’t go to Harrods. I didn’t go to Kensington Gardens. I didn’t go to Notting Hill. Did not make a day trip to Oxford or Cambridge or Bath or Windsor or….the list goes on! So would I go back to London? Most definitely.

>>> London Photos <<<

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