Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg, Austria: Barcelona was my favourite city, but Salzburg was a very close second! Partly because I’m a huge Sound of Music fan so I personally based my itinerary off various movie locations (which worked out great because most of those places were the typical “must see” places of Salzburg). If I had to compare Old Town Salzburg and Old Town Bern……I might have to go with Old Town Salzburg (although they were both incredibly amazing!). I absolutely loved the little streets and alley ways and finding all these cute little boutique shops. I loved the open air markets (highly recommend eating the sausages). And of course I loved seeing that YELLOW all over town.  Would I go back to Salzburg again? Would definitely love to.

I would recommend…

  • If you’re a Sound of Music fan (like me) it’s very possible to find and enjoy all the Sound of Music sights and locations WITHOUT a tour guide. Most of the sights are within walking distance of each other and you can easily take a bus to the castles that are outside of the main Old Town area.
  • If you’re getting Mozart chocolate balls as souvenirs, don’t get the Mozart chocolate balls that are red. Instead, get the ones that are wrapped in silver and blue foil made by Furst. Apparently those are the original ones (according to Wikipedia).
  • You can get a great view of the city from the Salzburg Fortress. To save a few Euros, ask a few other tourists to see if they want to save a few Euros as well to get the group rate (min. 10 people).

Where to stay…

  • We stayed just outside of the Old Town, near Mirabell Schloss. In my opinion, anywhere south of the train station would be an ideal location.

What to eat…

  • Käsekrainer. These sausages with cheese inside – absolutely delicious! Find them in the marketplace area behind Mozarts Birthplace.
  • Pretzels (or Bretzels?) reaaaally reaaallly good.
  • Most of the restaurants and cafes were within the Old Town area. We didn’t find a lot of good restaurants outside of the Old Town, but perhaps more Googling and research would’ve helped.
>>> Salzburg Photos <<<

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