Granada, Spain

Granada, Spain: I liked Granada. The accommodations in this small town were cheap, but getting to Granada was a hassle. There weren’t many direct flights into Granada, so we had to fly to Barcelona then fly to Granada. I loved the small town feel. The small winding cobble stone streets of Granada were amazing but REALLY confusing (we got lost trying to find our airb&b apartment). We had bought our tickets to the Alhambra months in advance (or you could wake up at 6am the day of and line up for tickets) and I was completely impressed with it. It made me wish I lived in a palace with breathtaking views. Would I go back again? Maybe. Didn’t get a chance to buy a shot glass from Granada either haha! But honestly, I would have loved to spend an extra day here exploring the Sierra Nevada mountains.

I would recommend…

  • There are many blogs recommending getting tickets to the morning session of the Alhambra. We ended up with the afternoon session, and it was more than enough time to see everything including the Nazarid Palace. So even if you can’t get a morning session, it’s not a big deal. There are plenty of website on info about tickets to the Alhambra because it does seem confusing but, I found this site really helpful. I did, however, had difficulty purchasing the tickets online. American Express card didn’t work. Mastercard didn’t work. Only my Visa card worked.
  • There are lockers available to use in the Alhambra – very big and FREE to use! Very convenient for those who have checked out the morning of and need a place to store their bags and luggage.

Where to stay…

  • Granada really is a small town and everything really is in walkable distance. Any hotel/hostel you find will most likely be less than 15 minute walking distance to Plaza Nueva. And the Alhambra is very walkable from Plaza Nueva (walking at a very casual pace, it probably took us about 20 minutes to walk up). It IS an uphill walk, but you’re walking under a shade of trees so it won’t be too hot or humid.

What to eat…

  • We learned from the locals that paellas that are 10 Euros or cheaper are probably not the “fresh” kind. Meaning using frozen seafood and other non fresh ingredients. So in other words, you are paying for what you get.
  • There are a lot of bakeries in Granada as well, but I found the croissants to be better in Paris.
>>> Granada Photos! <<<

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