Me encanta Barcelona!

Barcelona, Spain: MY FAVOURITE CITY!!!!!! Great food. REALLY great food (1 euro gelato! 1 euro coffee – and it was REALLY good coffee!). Tapas! Great architecture (Gaudi really does NOT disappoint)! Friendly locals. Great weather. The only thing I regret is not spending more time in Barcelona. I would highly recommend paying the admission to go inside La Sagrada Familia. It was one of the highlights of my time in the city. La Boqueria market was also another favourite. I didn’t get a chance to check out the beaches in around Barcelona so that is something I’d love to do next time. So would I go back again? Definitely!!!!

I would recommend…

  • I basically said it all. La Boqueria & Sagrada Familia were my highlights of the city.
  • If you’re planning your first trip to Barcelona and you want to see a bit of everything, I’d recommend a week (minimum 5 nights, 4 days = 1 day Sagrada Familia, 1 day Parc Guell, 1 day eating everything along La Ramblas & La Boqueria market & 1 day at the beach)

Where to stay…

  • We were lucky enough to find a rental apartment along La Ramblas and it was VERY convenient. I didn’t feel “unsafe” at all in that area. I mean you just have to use your common sense – if you stay out late, don’t walk back to your hostel/hotel alone.
  • If you’re staying near La Ramblas, La Sagrada Familia is walkable. Parc Guell on the other hand… quite far. We walked from La Ramblas to Sagrada Familia to Parc Guell all in one afternoon so it was definitely possible, but…unless you LOVE walking or if you have really good comfortable shoes, I wouldn’t recommend it. I’d pay a few Euros for a bus ride back.

What to eat…

  • GELATO! Most places sell them at 1 or 2 Euro per scoop. SO GOOD.
  • The coffee in Barcelona is unbelievably good. And incredibly cheap. Most bakeries have cheap deals for a baguette + coffee or a croissant + coffee or some kind of baked good + coffee.
  • As I mentioned before the fresh fruit popsicles in La Boqueria market were AMAZING.
  • The churros dipped with drinkable liquid hot chocolate. We only found a few places that served this but its definitely worth it. AMAZING.
  • You can get good tapas or okay tapas. It really just depends on your budget and how hungry you are.
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