I swear I won’t eat Vietnamese food for the next 24hrs…

Pho Linh
#5. Pho Linh. In my defense, I wasn’t even planning on having spicy pho today. It was supposed to be Japadogs but when those plans fell through, Pho seemed like the next best thing. Since my go to place, Thai Son, is currently under renovations, this was the closest Vietnamese place near my work. From the outside, this place looked kinda dodgy (still loving the British slang) but inside…it still looked kinda dodgy but it seemed to have good reviews on Yelp so I went with it. When the bowl of BBH came, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the soup was very much like Pho Thai Hoa (the one I like the most). I will also note that it didn’t have the pork hock/knuckle nor did it have the blood cubes (which upon further internet researching the BBH must have at least the pock hock or pock knuckle for it to be a legit BBH) but it didn’t bother me that much because the soup still tasted fantastic (maybe they did use pock hock/knuckle and blood cubes to make the soup but just didn’t serve it?! who knows). And there was definitely more meat to noodle which was surprising to me (maybe to make up for the absence of a pork hock). The noodles, however, seemed thicker compared to the other places. But it might just be my imagination. Anyways, I still prefer Pho Thai Hoa, but overall I enjoyed my meal. Would I come back again? Definitely.


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