I’m not a blogger.

I have a confession to make: I’m not a blogger. I’ve neglected my Little Red Jenn page for almost two months now. I don’t really have a reason for the hiatus…but for some reason I feel compelled to write in it again. While we’re on the topic of confession, I have another confession to make: I did not complete my 30 day workout challenge. I’m a little disappointed in myself. In the two months that I’ve been away from this blog, I did go to the gym occasionally, I did go for a quick run around the neighbourhood, I did go on some really amazing hiking trails. But…still….I did not follow through with it. Perhaps sometime in the near future I’ll bring myself to start again….when the moment is right I suppose. =)

Here are the two main hiking trails I conquered this summer:

Joffre Lakes Hike – Region: Pemberton – Difficulty: Intermediate – Time: 5 hours – Distance: 11km – Elevation Gain: 400 meters

My most favourite part of this hiking trail: The THREE amazing glacial blue green lakes with amazing scenery throughout the ENTIRE trail.
My least favourite part of this hiking trail: The insane amount of mosquitoes & the boulder section under the sun. I was not prepared (not enough water, no hat, AND it was a really hot day)

Garibaldi Lake Hike – Region: Whistler – Difficulty: Intermediate – Time: 5 hours – Distance: 18km – Elevation Gain: 820 meters

*** We hiked to Taylor Meadows then over to Garibaldi Lake. So altogether the loop ended up being about 22km (maybe 6 or 7 hours maybe?).

My most favourite part of this hiking trail: Views of Black Tusk from Taylor Meadows & the beautiful Garibaldi Lake was incredibly worthwhile.
My least favourite part of this hiking trial: The first 6km uphill & the last 6km downhill. Again, I was not prepared. I had forgotten to cut my toenails the night before so even though going uphill during the first 6km seemed like it went on forever, the last 6km going downhill just killed my feet and toes. Another lesson learned.


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