Herb (& Tomato) Garden

These pictures were taken around June 10, 2012. All the herbs including tomatoes were doing really well. I didn’t use a special light or anything, just plopped them on my living room coffee table.

Day 21 (if I did my math correctly…)

But then…I got impatient and thought I could transport them to my backyard. I transferred them to bigger pots and thought I’d let them have more sun. Boy was I wrong. Apparently I brought them out way too early, so unfortunately, only the Parsley and Tomatoes survived. The marjoram, chives and oregano withered away. However, I still have two basil plants clinging on to dear life but the slugs have gotten cozy with my basil unfornately. But on the bright side, my Tomatoes and Parsley have been doing AMAZINGLY well! The following pictures were taken around August 11, 2012.

Day 83

Day 91

This picture was taken on August 19, 2012. The first sign of a tomato fruit!!


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